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Home at Last

An Acadian Journey

Home at Last: An Acadian Journey

In 1755, an Acadian family is forced to leave Nova Scotia and must relocate in the American colonies in this sweeping historical novel.

For years, England and France have fought for control of Nova Scotia, called Acadie by the French settlers. The Acadians, who are of French origin, have remained neutral and live in peace while still remaining loyal to France. But that is all about to change.

In 1754, the new English lieutenant-governor orders the Acadians to sign an.....

A Silver Lining

This is the story of a real family.

After years of unrest and threats of deportation by the English, in 1750 a number of Acadian families flee from their prosperous wheat farms in Acadie (renamed Nova Scotia by the English), to live in French-controlled Île Saint-Jean (Prince Edward Island). For nine-year-old Pelagie Benoist, this is the beginning of almost thirty-five years of displacement and searching for a place to call home.

After five difficult years in Île Saint-Jean, Pelagie’s family.....